März, 2016

08Mär19:30Up in Smoke Festival Vol.7mit STONED JESUS (UKR) + MARS RED SKY (F) + BELZEBONG (PL)19:30 Veranstaltungsart:Konzert




Igor (Vocals, Guitars) / Sergii (Bass) / Viktor (Drums)
STONED JESUS hails from Kiev, Ukraine, and they are doubtlessly the biggest band to emerge on Eastern Europe’s stoner/psychedelic/doom scene recently. Started in 2009 by guitarist/vocalist Igor as his solo project, they toured Russia and Ukraine in early 2010, releasing their highly-anticipated debut „First Communion“ few months later (re-released on vinyl in Spring 2013).
2011 saw them changing direction on „Stormy Monday“ EP and more shows followed, confirming their reputation as one of the most spectacular bands to experience live. Recorded late 2011, STONED JESUS‘ second full-length „Seven Thunders Roar“ showed their constant desire to reach beyond and push forward. Less doom and more psychedelic, it peaks with 16-min long „I’m The Mountain“ epic, the most progressive and ambitious track from the band so far. Released in Spring/Summer 2012, it has become the most requested item on their European tours
They began 2013 with a new drummer Viktor, a new video and a new 7″ released just before another tour. In August, they self-released a compilation of jams and improvisations „The Seed, Vol. 1“, a download-only collection serving as a fundraising weapon for their next full-length „The Harvest“, released on February 24th 2015, and followed by a European Tour in March and a successful Stuttgart show in October!

Julien Pras (Guitar, Vocals) / Jimmy Kinast (Bass, Vocals) / Matgaz (Drums)
Considered as one of the greats of the European stoner rock scene, MARS RED SKY have gained international recognition thanks to a unique sound imprint based on thick infectious grooves and melodic and aerial guitar riffs. This is truly a one of a kind experience, wrapped up by Julien Pras’ ethereal vocals, Matgaz’ powerful rhythms and Jimmy Kinast’s pachydermic bass lines. Somewhere between doom metal and 70’s psyche pop, the Mars Red Sound intrigues in the first place, after what it irremediably attracts the masses to celebrate this cosmic ritual of solar burning fuzz and reverberated atmospheres.
Driven by the huge success of their eponymous debut record, which was recorded in Spain’s mystic Bardenas desert and released in 2011 (then sold to more than 3,500 copies), the Bordelais are quickly invited to play on the largest European stages with Kyuss Lives!, Dinosaur Jr, Sleep, as well as renowned festivals such as Eurockéennes de Belfort (FF), Roadburn (NL), London and Berlin Desertfests, Sziget Festival (HUN), SXSW (USA), leading them to play in more than 20 countries. With their incredibly heavy and hypnotic performances, MARS RED SKY are undoubtedly considered as one of the most thrilling live acts among the international stoner rock scene. In 2012, they pair with French doom metal monsters Year Of No Light to release a 3-tracks split record, which gets sold out in a blink of an eye.
The release of their last EP « Be My guide » in the spring of 2013 prophetically opens the path for an extensive tour across Europe, then across the Atlantic Ocean for a few exciting series of gigs in Latin America, where they record the tracks for their second LP „Stranded in Arcadia“, released on April 28th (Europe) & June 10th (Usa) 2014! With « Stranded In Arcadia », the trio takes its music to a brand new level: heavier than ever, this record embarks you further into their very own world of fuzz and psychedelia, a journey to a wondrous imaginary place called Arcadia.

Cheesy (Guitar) / Alky (Guitar) / Sheepy (Bass) / Hexy (Drums)
Polish heavy-doomfuzz-metal outfit BELZEBONG started in 2008, since then they bring tons of evil weedian riffage for persistent ones. The band drowns themselves in a sea of distortion & fuzz, and after their appearances at prestigious festivals such as Stoned From The Underground, Desertfest Berlin & London, fans of Doom Metal have found a new hero in the scene!
In the summer 2015, the trio released their third album ‚Greenferno‘ on Emetic Records VVK

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https://youtu.be/iW1jxJ6ISks (Stoned Jesus)

https://youtu.be/Wmd9BjnyLII (Mars Red Sky)

https://youtu.be/Vgn9QU60jcA (Belzebong)

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